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Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

At South Coast Cleaners we have over 50 years of experience, which is why you can rest easy leaving your wedding dress with us. All our expertise, care and attention will be used, so that you feel happy when you leave, knowing your dress is in good hands. We will treat your wedding dress as a personal item, a garment special to you. It is not just another thing to be cleaned, and we understand that. We like to think we give a personal experience, and that is never more appealing than when it comes to parting with your wedding dress.

We are professional Dry Cleaners who specialise in wedding dress cleaning. No matter how dirty or discoloured your gown may be, we will achieve the best possible result consistent with what the fabric can bear. Invariably, this is as good as the day you bought it.

If your dress is heavily beaded or sequined, we are undeterred and you are not penalised. Prices are not based on the cost of the dress, simply the effort that is required to achieve the best possible result. Unlike other cleaners, we specialise in wedding dresses and almost the whole process is completed by hand. Every stain is hand cleaned and the fabric is constantly monitored. We combine our care and attention to detail with the finest non-aggressive products available, to remove dirt and stains without shrinking or damaging the fabric. Only the final stage of cleaning is not carried out by hand. Once the cleaning process is finished, your dress is again carefully examined before being expertly pressed by hand. Our aim is to achieve the best possible result as close to, or equal to, the day you bought it.

We understand your wedding dress holds many special memories, which is why we take such great care when handling it after your big day. We will treat your dress with the care and attention that we would carry out with our own special garments. Our methods ensure that the delicate fabric, intricate bead work and applique are kept intact. We will return your wedding dress to you unaltered, nothing but a fresh appearance to keep it looking in tip-top shape for years to come.We can clean almost any wedding dress, even those which say do not dry clean. Our hands on and delicate cleaning processes can transform and restore your wedding dress.

If however you require a few repairs, that is another service we can offer to you. An all inclusive clean and repair so that you walk away with your dress in the condition that you walked away with it from the bridal store.

Your wedding dress represents a substantial emotional and financial investment. Whether you intend to keep or sell your dress, you will naturally want to protect your investment.

Once finished to your satisfaction your next decision is how to store your gown. South Coast Cleaners offer a wedding dress boxing service. Please read our storage advice before you make your decision.

We use top of the range wedding dress boxes for you to transport and store your dress in. These boxes are especially hand made in the UK. There are 150 designs to choose from so you are bound to find something to fit your taste. Their unique and beautiful designs keep your dress sitting pretty, with a balanced pH level to keep it looking great for years to come. It is just another added bit of luxury to display and store your beautiful wedding dress in.

We offer a great price and exceptional care, so please do not hesitate to give us a call to learn more about our great wedding dress cleaning services.

We like to be involved in your day, start to finish which is why we also offer a professional alteration service. We can alter your wedding dress if adjustments need to be made and offer the same high quality service to the groom and the rest of your wedding party. For details on the services we provide please see our clothes alterations page on our sister site.

Wedding Dress Storage Advice


Always use a specialist cleaner like South Coast Cleaners Store away from light, heat and damp.

Always store in white PH neutral acid-free tissue paper.

A wedding dress box needs to be sturdy enough to keep out light, damp and dust, with a well-fitting lid to keep out any insects.


Do not store in plastic long term as this can allow fabric to fade.

Do not store in a normal cardboard box as the acid in the box will damage the fabric.

Never store next to coloured fabrics as colour transfer may occur.

Never use black tissue paper as the dye will affect the fabric of the dress.

Don’t leave a dress on a hanger long term as this will cause stress on the seams and shape of the dress.

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