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Tuxedo & Suit Dry Cleaning

Bridal wear doesn't end with the wedding dress. The entire wedding party is a huge part of your wedding day, which means that the groom and groomsmen need to be looking sharp.

We offer a superb dry cleaning service for your tailoring. we will take excellent care when treating your tuxedo or suit as we understand it is not only an expensive item, but a piece of your wedding day.

All remnants of wedding cake frosting on your lapel will be erased, as will the sweat stains from dancing all night long! But the pristine finish will remain intact, whether it is to go in to storage or worn again. We will leave you with the memories, not the evidence.

If you have rented your tuxedo or suit and need to return it in its original state, we can help. our dry cleaning service will delicately restore your garments to a clean and crisp state.

We mentioned our alteration services on bridal wear, now lets not forget the groom and groomsmen. We offer the same high standard alterations services for tuxedos or suits for the groom and other members of the wedding party. For specific quotes or details please call us on 02380 733109.

TEL: 02380 733109